NEW – Platinum Liquid Poppers

This great brand is now available on our website. Platinum Liquid is a true refined formula of room aroma, especially made for the dominant and subs it is clear to see in the logo if you know what you are looking for that this product has been made for you! It is strong and domineering with an edge like no other, a true liquid popper of the highest quality, try it now!

Comes in a great 10ml silver covered bottle, quality product.

Black Widow Poppers – For the Huffers!

Now in stock the legend that is BLACK WIDOW POPPERS – Super Strength

Black widow offers the ultimate in dark sensations, it is a crisp sharp formula with long lasting effect, we have heard some fabulous reports and had lots of requests to stock it, so as requested here it is! Taking room aromas to another level I have to say having tried it it definitely lives up to expectations!

Get 10% off with this handy voucher for the next 7 days only! Coupon code: BLACKWIDOW

Buy it here

German Poppers aka Deutschland Zimmer Aroma

We are always looking out for new brands we can bring to the website from around the world so are really excited to finally bring some German poppers to poppersrus in the form of the brilliant brand Deutschland Zimmer Aroma (Zimmer Aroma means Room Aroma in German).

As you would expect from the German market this odoriser is a quality product and has a consistent strong aroma that is effective every time it is used. It really must be tried to be appreciated but having tested it several times we are pretty sure you will be glad you did. Its definitely comparable to other leading brands in our poppers shop.

Get 10% off Deutschland Zimmer Aroma until Friday 9th Feb using voucher coupon code: DEUTSCHLAND10

Our website

The PoppersRus website has lots of useful information on the home page to help you navigate around the website, we will be posting some information here shortly to explore the website more in depth, but other than the specific product category’s like Amsterdam Gold for example, there is also specific size bottle links like the 10ml bottles section,  here you can find all the brands that have aromas in that size bottle which is useful if you only want one bottle or a couple of bottles. Whatever product you look at you should always be able to find a link within the description to the full range from that particular brand of poppers and all the different offers and mixes available to buy.

Our new blog by PoppersRus

Today we are excited to launch our new blog. We will be using this to launch new products and post interesting articles and news story’s from the world of room aromas, room odorisers, leather cleaners and video head cleaners otherwise known as POPPERS!