Summers end! Open the fridge! Safe storage of poppers and how to store poppers correctly.

Now as summer comes to a end in the UK there is at least less problems storing poppers as the temperature starts to drop. All poppers are best to be kept in the fridge at home (of course safely away from any children’s access) Alternatively in a dark cool place like a cupboard. Lots of poppers and aroma enthusiasts do not know that poppers can be effected by UV rays hence why they come in small brown bottles to protect them from UV light and also the full body wrapper on most bottles helps protect them otherwise left in the light it will speed up the demise the product, even if storing poppers in a cool place, if light can hit them it will spoil the product so always keep them away from light.

Another very important tip is to make sure after use you replace the cap very tightly as the chemical creates pressure in the bottle and if the cap is not on very tight it will escape and the next time you come to use the poppers you will find that they are weak or do not work at all.

If you stick to the above then you should find you can keep all our brands of poppers for at least 6-12 months maybe longer when stored correctly. One final tip: A little shake before you open the bottle will always give the maximum effect 😉