Big Bear Poppers and Room Aroma

Great value Big Bear Poppers is a strong odoriser that wants to get hold of ya and show who’s boss! Has to be said starting at only £3.45 for just one bottle this is a lot of warm hugs for the price, give it a try you wont be disappointed in this big bear!

Strongest Isopropyl Nitrite in UK

UK Aroma is the strongest blend of Isopropyl Nitrite that you can buy in the UK, despite being so strong it still retains a sweet smell and is not to harsh. Gaining evermore popularity we would recommend any popper connoisseur try it out at least once as it is sure to be added to your regular stable of delights!

Blue Velvet Poppers

A great addition to our product range Blue Velvet odoriser is a great brand that has been around a while now and gaining a ever popular fan base due to its distinct aroma and crisp smooth effects, described as the neo noir of room aromas, It has been compared to Liquid Gold by some customers but a little stronger so we are sure it will be a hit here with our customers also!

The Specials have arrived!

Recreating the feel and aroma of the late 1970s and early 1980s this SKA themed brand is getting back to rock steady! Special Aroma is brand new to poppersRus and in test trials has had some great feedback with many users mentioning its long effects and reporting a nice mellow effect.

In the history of poppers there have been many community’s in different eras that have embraced poppers as there own and it is true to say this of the SKA scene in the UK who filled the reggae dance halls and clubs with the sweet smell of poppers! With the rapid walking baseline of SKA music the two went hand in hand like bread and butter!

So get Special Aroma now and have 10% Off this week only using voucher coupon code: SKAPOPPERS10