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Summers end! Open the fridge! Safe storage of poppers and how to store poppers correctly.

Now as summer comes to a end in the UK there is at least less problems storing poppers as the temperature starts to drop. All poppers are best to be kept in the fridge at home (of course safely away from any children’s access) Alternatively in a dark cool place like a cupboard. Lots of poppers and aroma enthusiasts do not know that poppers can be effected by UV rays hence why they come in small brown bottles to protect them from UV light and also the full body wrapper on most bottles helps protect them otherwise left in the light it will speed up the demise the product, even if storing poppers in a cool place, if light can hit them it will spoil the product so always keep them away from light.

Another very important tip is to make sure after use you replace the cap very tightly as the chemical creates pressure in the bottle and if the cap is not on very tight it will escape and the next time you come to use the poppers you will find that they are weak or do not work at all.

If you stick to the above then you should find you can keep all our brands of poppers for at least 6-12 months maybe longer when stored correctly. One final tip: A little shake before you open the bottle will always give the maximum effect 😉



Triple XXX Refined and USSR AROMA are probably the strongest poppers and room odourisers on the UK market today. Full purity and no holes barred power come in the massive 25ml bottles, best value and with a massive 20% off you cant go wrong! Give them a try out and see if you will become one of the legions of converted fans! This is hot stuff and flying off the shelves quicker than they can make it so dont be slow!



Ok so we all have a little Hank inside us! This crazy fella is just waiting to explode when we cant rein him hes out of control! Well they have managed to get the genie back in the bottle with this little gem, super strong and surprisingly quick, it packs a punch like no other, so let Hank out and see what happens!


The latest strong poppers on poppersRus, just in time for the weekend and with added grrrrrr BULLDOG room aroma! For the guys and gals who like it a little bit rough and ready this tough little dawg is gonna make you howl! (We cant help the puns here at poppersRus) But seriously we tried this all last week and it was great and long lasting. Brilliant price too starting at £3.45 for one 10ml bottle so you can give it a try out and see how you like it! Be sure to leave comments on the product pages once you have given it a go.


Multipacks are a great way to try out some new brands and find the ones that suit you best as there are many manufacturers and the blends can be different so everybody finds there favourites in time. Like most things if you continually use the same brand you will find after a while they do not have the same desired effect as before so spend a couple of weeks with a different brand and you will find that your old favourite popper will start to work again once you have had some time off!

One of our most popular multi packs is the 10ml 5 of the best! For the really brave is the 20 pack Monster Pack. Remember the more you buy the cheaper it is as there is not much difference in postage costs from 1 bottle to 5 bottles so its much more cost effective to buy a multipack. All the poppers brands we sell have 3 and 5 packs just for that brand if you already know which your favourite is.

We are often asked which brands are the strongest and from the customer feedback Extreme Gold, Black Widow and Aroma Pig are getting some really good reviews lately! Whatever poppers you buy here off us remember as we have such a big turnover all our stock is the freshest you can get as we get delivery’s every week factory direct then its straight off the shelf in our temperature controlled facilities to you unlike some places that have stock lingering around for months on end getting stale. Freshness is the key to the best quality aromas with the best effects.

Happy poppering!